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Our aim is to support and encourage restoration of the historic features of the gardens
Worth Park Friends
Vista in the Walled Garden Carpenteria californica 'Elizabeth' in the Walled Garden The Green Garden Coming down  from the Mixed Borders Slope, a new feature can be seen Closer inspection reveals a new surprise: A dog behind the 4 children Lake/Seaside theme on the top terrace The Jelico Canal with the Laboratory in the background Jade Vine, native to the Philippines, flowering in the Glasshouse
Coach trip to RHS Wisley on the 24th May 2017 We   are   normally   looking   for   places   under   cover   in   case   of   rain,   but   on   the   day   of   our   visit      the   opposite   was needed:   benches   in   the   shade   were   at   a   premium! Although   we   had   just   visited   last   October,   there   are   always new   features   and   surprises   to   be   discovered.   Some   of   our   members   went   straight   to   the   Library   to   discover more   about   the   plants   which   the   Montefiores   had   cultivated   ( see   2016   visit ).   The   shop   was   a   big   attraction   too with many varieties of plants, which were exhibited at Chelsea 2017, for sale.
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