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Our member Tom Howard-Jones wrote:
Monday 14th September 2020 - 08:15 to 10:15 It was a clear fine morning and promised to be a hot day. A Grey Heron was fishing in the shallows. A large Terrapin made its way up a log during our walk to warm in the sun. There were several large Carp patrolling together just under the surface. Occasionally a large tail fin broke the water as they pushed down to the bed of the lake. The first highlight was a Teal; a new bird for our patch list. It was associating with some Mallard and displaying to them. For once I had my camera when it was needed. The next highlight was two Swallows and a fleeting raptor . I have put it down as a Kestrel . But could it have been a Hobby following the migrating swallows? A large formation of Canada Geese flew in and landed on the lake with a splash. The brood of Egyptian Geese still contains five youngsters and they are growing well. A Grey Wagtail was foraging on the muddy shore at the Grattons Park end of the lake. A full list of birds seen is given in the Bird Table .