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Our member Tom Howard-Jones wrote:
Thursday 21st January 2021 - 11:30 to 12:30 After storm Christoph the weather was a little brighter. But the park is very wet and muddy. The first snowdrops are just starting to appear. A few days ago the pair of Egyptian Geese revealed their brood of seven goslings. They are very small and probably only a week old. At first we only saw one adult and one baby. But by the end of our lap of the lake the pair were together with all seven goslings. They are very appealing and are attracting quite a crowd of sightseers. Our suspicion that they had been nesting turns out to be correct. The two Great Crested Grebes are still together. In Grattons Park we saw two Red Kites circling over the playing field. One was quite low. This is a new bird for our list. I am sure we might have seen them from the park had we still been there. But for now it is nice to get a new entry on our area list and we will have to wait to add them to the park list. A full list of birds seen is given in the Bird Table .