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Our member Tom Howard-Jones wrote:
Wednesday 19th May 2021 - 09:45 to 11:15 There were short bursts of sunshine between the dark clouds and a chill breeze was blowing. A lot of the blossom has been knocked from the trees by the recent hail and heavy rain. A Pied Wagtai l was exploring the croquet lawn and a pair of Mallard Ducks were showering in the fountain. Another family of Canada Geese hatched over the last weekend. Nine small babies were on the bank of the lake with their parents. The ten older Canada Geese goslings were in a creche guarded by three adults. The family with five young Coots was still present. There was another family with two much younger chicks. Four juvenile Mallards were well on their way into their first adult plumage. Our first Swifts for the year here flew over. We also saw our first Black-headed Gull for some time. On our way back to our house and not far from the park a Buzzard was being annoyed by a Crow . A full list of birds seen is given in the Bird Table .
Canada Goose goslings, photo: Tom Howard-Jones