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Our member Tom Howard-Jones wrote:
Mallard, Photo: Tom Howard-Jones, 21st January 2023
It was a chilly, sunny day and parts of the lake were still frozen. The two adult Egyptian Geese are still present; no indication that they are nesting yet. Only a few Canada Geese were around. The gulls were mostly standing on the ice. The 3 hybrid ducks are still around and seem to be becoming more used to people. There are almost no berries left on the trees which might account for the absence of some bird species. The bird sightings from Worth Park are also put on the Bird Track database where they are used by various ornithological organisations. At the end of 2022 our records for the year were: 12 lists; 272 records and 42 species. A full list of the birds seen is given in the Bird Table .
Saturday 21-01-2023 - 11:45 to 13:00