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Our member Tom Howard-Jones wrote:
Friday 03-06-2022 - 13:00 to 14:00 It was a fine sunny day during the Platinum Jubilee weekend. Rather too late in the day for the best of the birding, but very nice for a walk. There were young birds everywhere. The babies we saw last time have grown and more have emerged. The geese were gathered feeding on the grass. There were at least four groups of young Canada Geese of different ages. The juvenile Egyptian Geese are almost fully grown and moulted now. There were families of Coots with one and two chicks and families of Moorhen with one and two babies as well. A Mallard had laid and abandoned an egg by the path. A Grey Heron was resting on the small island. The first I have seen for a while. Blue Tits and Great Tits were feeding fledged young. There were no Great Crested Grebes. During the week there was a report of one of the grebes being found dead tangled in fishing line. There were several terrapins, including some very large ones, hauled out on tree stumps around the lake. The experimental wild flower strips in the meadow are blooming with a rich variety of flowers and colours. The borders in the formal area of the park are looking very attractive. A full list and count of the birds seen is given in the Bird Table .
Canada Geese and a couple of Egyptian Geese at the bank of Worth Park Lake, photo: Tom Howard-Jones, 3rd June 2022